Packaging design

Why does your product need a suitable packaging design?

It is crucial for absolutely every product intended for any type of customer or client. Suitable packaging is more than just product protection or an information channel for conveying basic content information.

Packaging with attractive and information-tuned design is the primary impulse supporting purchasing decision-making. Through efficient packaging with an apt packaging design, it is then easy to sell the products.

We will help you find your products' way to the customers' hearts and minds to meet your business goals. Packaging design from our workshop ensures that customers will not just take a quick glance at your products.

What are the benefits of the right packaging design?

How will the right design of the packaging help you and what can possibly go wrong? A nice cover is not just about a nice look. A suitable packaging through its desing creates a message that conveys to the customers. And a positive message can become a long-term mission of the product, which will ensure not only the influx of new ones, but also the maintenance of regular customers over the long-term period. We will facilitate you to fulfill the mission of your products by designing and implementing an adequate packaging design that will bring you the following benefits:

1. Catches the attention– it stands out from the crowd of other products on the shelves.

2. Attracts interest – in the product, in information about it, in its effects and in the experience of owning it.

3. Arouses the desire – owning a product is beginning to be a real need, which the customer, properly influenced by the attractive packaging design, will more easily succumb to.

4. Prompts action – the product sold by its apperance, color, shape, which, in addition to initial allurement, can also complete the purchase.

5. Creates satisfaction – and if the same quality product is contained in the quality packaging, it will provide you with further sales.

6. Adds a sense of excellence – not only to the product that it encases, but also to its potential owner. After all, owning something nice is a great feeling.

7. Builds the brand – it shapes product awareness among the public, opening the door to new customers.

8. Works for a long time – properly designed packaging with its design lasts for several years, ideally even decades.

9. Thinks in perspective – both for ecology and for your packaging material costs.

10. Packages efficiently – packaging design also takes into account the practical side of using the product as well as handling it or the journey from production to the customer.

All this and a little more will be taken into account by us when creating packaging design for your products. Add value to your products in the form of an effective packaging. Packaging design from PW Galanta will help you with this.

Packaging design from initial draft to realization

We will:

1. find out your requirements and ideas as well as your long-term product and brand goals.

2. draft design variants for your packaging with regard to potential customers and market situation.

3. take photos of your products or images needed to graphically process packaging professionally and appealingly. If you do not have your own image materials or photographer, we will be happy to help you in this area as well.

4. prepare visualization of the new design of your packages so that you can imagine them in reality before we transform them into it.

5. adjust, together with you, the options you have proposed and select the most suitable one that we will refine it to the smallest detail.

6. produce sample packaging according to the approved design, or test packaging in smaller quantities.

7. make production of the most successful sample in great quantities and style. We will also provide packaging material to which the packaging design from our workshop is to be applied. However, you may also secure your own packaging if you wish.

We will not only design the packaging for your products in terms of design, but we will also manufacture, print and then package or repackage the products, and, if necessary, store them.

We are open to any requests and inquiries about packaging services and products. Therefore, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our employees will provide you with expert advice in packaging and printing production.

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